Sign (Permanent & Temporary)

A sign permit is required for installation of new permanent signs, for modification or replacement of existing permanent signs, and for installation of temporary signs. Certain signs are exempt from permit requirements. Please contact Development Services staff for more information regarding permanent signs, temporary signs, or exempt signs.

Electrical inspection is required for signs with internal or external illumination.

Submittal Requirements: (See sign permit application for details)

  • Sign Permit Application
  • Plot plan or site plan showing location of existing and proposed signs. For detached signs, dimension distances from signs to building(s) and property lines.
  • Sign detail plans showing: overall sign dimensions; sign area dimensions (less frames), dimensions for sign wording, symbols, and logos; sign materials and other materials, and actual proposed sign copy. For attached signs, provide dimensioned building elevations indicating existing and proposed attached signs.
  • Contractor Registration
  • Fee: $100 for permanent signs; $0 for temporary signs.