Solar Electrical (Photovoltaic System)

An electrical permit (miscellaneous trades permit) is required for installation of a roof-mounted photovoltaic system for generating electricity.

Submittal Requirements: (See miscellaneous trades permit application for details)

  • Miscellaneous Trades Permit Application
  • Construction plans including:  (provide all of the following)
    • Site visit letter stating observance of roof framing (sealed by Texas registered professional engineer with signature),
    • Structural drawings (sealed by Texas registered professional engineer with signature),
    • Electrical drawings and riser diagram (sealed by registered professional engineer with signature), 
    • Safety labels drawing, and
    • Manufacturer specifications for major equipment (solar panels, inverters, rack system, transfer switch, etc.)
  • Contractor Registration
  • Fee: $75. If electrical work is part of a new construction, addition/expansion, or remodel/alteration permit, no permit application or fee is required.
Submittal Method: Miscellaneous trades permit application and payment or installation of a photovoltaic system must be submitted in person.