Driveway / Approach / Curb Cut

A right-of-way permit is required to construct a new driveway or to replace or enlarge an existing driveway. A right-of-way permit is also required to cut or modify existing curb and gutter of a street with a raised curb or to install or modify a culvert in a rural section street with a bar ditch.

Residential driveways are limited to 20 feet in width plus the width of the radius returns. In some limited circumstances, the Director of Public Works may approved a driveway wider than 20 feet in width. Should a wider driveway be allowed, the driveway expansion cannot cover or incorporate water meters, water valves, sewer clean-outs or other public utilities. Please note that the radius return of any driveway cannot encroach into the extension of the common property line of the adjacent property.

No curb cuts are allowed for French drains, roof drains, or pool drains.

Submittal Requirements: (See right-of-way permit application for details)

  • Right-Of-Way Permit Application
  • Construction plans or drawings
  • Certificate of liability insurance listing City of Krum as certificate holder
  • Fee: $50. If driveway/approach/curb cut work is part of new construction, addition/expansion, or remodel/alteration, no permit application or fee is required.
Submittal Method: Right-of-way permit application and payment should be submitted in person.