Construction of a freestanding deck greater than 30 inches in height above grade or construction of a deck of any height that is attached to and supported by a structure requires an accessory structure permit. Construction of a freestanding deck 30 inches in height or less above grade and not attached to or supported by a structure does not require a permit.

Electrical or plumbing construction work in conjunction with deck construction requires separate permit(s).

Submittal Requirements: (See accessory structure permit application for details)

  • Accessory Structure Permit Application
  • Construction plans
  • Plot plan
  • Fee: $30 (less than 120 square feet); $75 (120 to 250 square feet); $0.50/square foot (greater than 250 square feet)
  • HOA approval letter (for decks on residential lots within a neighborhood with a homeowners association)
Submittal Method: Accessory structure permit application and payment must be submitted in person by homeowner or contractor.